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Opera House Interior | Sydney, Australia

Opera House is most famous place in Sydney, Australia. People around the world mostly come to visit Opera HouseJohn Utzonv designed the Sydney Opera House included a monumental platform comes with granite loess, large horizontal base that contrasts with sails like a white roof. Public spaces and promenades have been blessed with stunning picture quality robust construction. Large external staircase to the platform for the location of activities is a critical factor is designed to provide pedestrian Grand. Walk the wide public access to the building allows pedestrians to walk around and appreciate the ever-changing views. Large glass provides strong views into and out of the house

Building with this unique architecture called the Opera House. Opera house is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. designed as a place to stage the play in 1950. then inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October last year that opened the show, war and peace. Opera house became a symbol of Australia around the world. Located in a beautiful bay on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, Australia.

Besides its function as an opera house, Sydney Opera House also includes one of Australia’s famous landmarks in the world. Sydney Opera House design was selected from 233 designs entered. Is Jørn Utzon, who became the winner of the design competition this opera house. Inaugurated in 1973 and given the award by UNESCO as World Heritage in 2007. It has been showing an average of 1500 performances each year with various performances such as ballet, orchestra and theater. opera house in Australia is one of the opera that has a beautiful design.
 Opera House Interior-Sydney, Australia 
 Opera House Interior-Sydney, Australia  
 Opera House Interior-Sydney, Australia  
 Opera House Interior-Sydney, Australia  
 Opera House Interior-Sydney, Australia  


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