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The Versailles castle France

The Chateau de Versailles castle is one of the largest palaces in the world and is one of the most visited chateaux in France.
Chateau de Versailles castle is a grand example of French architecture and the Versailles' history galleries which are around 18,000 metres squared in size which makes this the largest history museum in the world, with the contents comprising many different and significant masterpieces.
Chateau de Versailles has played major roles throughout its existence, not only during the French monarchy, but throughout the history of the French Republic and this palace is still used for both houses of parliament to sit.
Situated several kilometres Southwest of Paris, Chateau de Versailles was originally no more than a modest hunting lodge that was built by King Louis XIII in 1623.  But his son, King Louis XIV abandoned the Louvre wishing to build a royal palace in place of this lodge and because he was so taken with the palace, in 1682 it become the official residence of the Sun King and his Court, replacing the Louvre and Saint-Germain Castles, which gave a grand statement of monarchical power.  He also insisted that the Chateau de Versailles was for the people, and that his home should be open to one and all who wanted to visit.
The Versailles castle
The Versailles castle
The Versailles castle
The Versailles castle
The Versailles castle
The Versailles castle
The Versailles castle


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